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Calms Forte By Hylands Article

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Calms Forte by Hylands

from: Herb Mark

Description of Calms Forte

Hyland's Calms Forte provides natural relief of symptoms of
simple nervous tension and sleeplessness. Hyland's Calms Forte
is all natural and works without contraindications or side
effects. Easy to swallow tablets are perfect for daytime or
nighttime use.

Ingredients of Calms Forte Passiflora Incarnata HPUS 1X
Triple Strength (Passion Flower), Avena Sativa HPUS 1X Double
Strength (Oat), Humulus Lupulus HPUS 1X Double Strength (Hops),
Chamomilla HPUS 2X (Chamomile), Calcarea Phosphorica HPUS 3X
(Calcium Phosphate), Ferrum Phosphorica HPUS 3X (Iron
phosphate), Kali Phosphoricum HPUS 3X (Potassium Phosphate),
Natrum Phosphoricum HPUS 3X (Sodium Phosphate), Magnesia
Phosphoricum HPUS 3X (Magnesium Phosphate), In a Base of
Lactose, N.F., Calcium Sulfate, Starch (Corn and Tapioca),
Magnesium Stearate.

Suggested Use for Calms Forte

As a relaxant: Swallow 1 to 2 tablets with water as needed three
times daily, preferably before meals. For insomnia: 1 to 3
tablets 1/2 to 1 hour before retiring. Children: 1/2 adult dose.

Additional Information for Calms Forte

Calms Forté is a homeopathic remedy to soothe and calm irritated
nerves and alleviate edginess while nourishing and strengthening
the nerves, encouraging the body to withstand daily stress and
strain. Provide temporary symptomatic relief of simple nervous
tension and insomnia (sleeplessness). 100% natural, no side
effects and non habit forming. href="">For
more details click here!

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