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Using Natural Remedies For Constipation

from: Nicky Pilkington

There are two basic types of constipation - organic and
functional. Organic constipation is a result of some physical
change, obstruction, or distortion in your colon. This type of
constipation needs immediate attention from a doctor.

This article only covers Functional Constipation. This type of
constipation is a result of not following a proper diet,
drinking enough fluids, having good emotional health and not
having a good lifestyle - a lifestyle that promotes good
movement of digested foods through the intestines and colon.

Even though there are many definitions for constipation,
constipation is simply a condition where the fecal matter
traveling through your colon remains too long in your colon
before traveling out the rectum.

Constipation is a symptom and not a disease. It is a condition
that tells you your colon is not working properly or that you
have some underlying gastrointestinal disease you are not aware

Constipation may be a warning that your diet and lifestyle are
causing an imbalance in your body. It is a symptom that many
people ignore or that many people try to eliminate by using
unnatural and oftentimes dangerous drugstore laxatives.

Drugstore laxatives should be avoided when you have
constipation. They can become habit-forming, damage your colon,
and have nasty side effects if used too long. They sometimes
have the tendency of creating the problem you are trying relieve
- constipation.

To keep your body in chemical balance, it is important to use
only natural remedies for constipation. Natural remedies such as
herbs and foods bring into the colon those nutrients that can
build up your colon and reactivate your natural peristaltic

As you use natural remedies, keep in mind that one particular
remedy may not work for you. You may have to try a different
remedy or increase dosage of the one you are using. If you
supply what your body needs by using a specific remedy, then you
will get results from using that remedy.

Experimenting is part of finding out what remedy is best for
you. There are many different natural remedies you can choose
from. Look on the internet for "natural remedies for
constipation" and you will find many listings.

Keep in mind that most remedies should be used only for a short
time, two to four days and not longer than 2 weeks. They should
only be used for the time needed to clear your constipation.
This might be just 4 or 5 times or sometimes it may take several

There are some herbal combinations that can be used for longer
duration. These combinations can improve your colon's health and
get your bowels moving again.

If you have constipation, the natural balance and function of
your colon has been affected. But, natural remedies can bring
you colon back into balance.

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