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Natural Herbal Remedies: Solutions to Help You!

from: Lisa Gonzalez

The New Year is bringing about even more interest in natural
herbal remedies as 2006 will be a profitable year for businesses
in the herbal industry and the numbers of those seeking
information about natural herbal remedies is on the rise ... for
good reason!

Millions of people over the course of time have handed down
natural herbal remedies, some of the most common natural herbal
remedies known to many Americans are soaking tired muscles in
Epsom salt, lately cinnamon is extremely popular in the diabetic
community and we've all used Aloe Vera plants to soothe the
intensity of burns.

There's plenty more where that came from!

The new interest in natural herbal remedies is leading many to
find good solutions with some not so common herbs, just check
out some of these:

Do you have high cholesterol or an unbalanced thyroid?

Try Bdellium Gum! This powerful little natural herbal remedy is
packing some strength to lower cholesterol levels, body weight
and is even known to balance the thyroid gland.

Bissy Nut enhances metabolism and is also said to relieve
inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.

Most of us associate 'Hops' with the manufacturing process of
beer and drinking beer, well a lot of beer usually involves
several trips to the potty ... hops is known to provoke
urination as well as provide some relief with pain and even
insomnia! Research shows that hops are rich with nutrients that
are good for the nervous system.

Wood Betony provides relief for migraines.

Studies are finding out more and more about the real potential
of herbs in comparison with the medicines of today, the lab is
proving what many regarded as foolish folklore in the past.

Herbalist have insisted that there's always a natural herbal
remedy for whatever ails the body and modern medicine is proving
it due to the push the herbal industry has seen with sales to
back it up. So the next time you have a headache, a rash or you
feel constipated ... get some information about the natural
herbal remedies available because you never know, chances are
... a natural herbal remedy could be the solution you seek!

About the author:

Lisa Gonzalez is a successful WAHM, a pizza junkie, the owner
of target="_blank"> and href=""
target="_blank"> and she rarely sleeps! Lisa
and her family call the picturesque coast of South Carolina home
where she makes her mark in the world of Internet writing.


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