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Natural Relief for Arthritis

from: Nestler

Many arthritis sufferers do not like the idea of conventional
medicine as a means of treating their ailment. They want href=>natural arthritis

There are those who claim that, if a pill comes from ingredients
from a plant, it is therefore "natural" and suitable for human
consumption. They ignore the fact that extracts of plants and
herbs are chemicals - and some chemicals can kill!

Prescription medicines have undergone numerous tests, following
rigid procedures until there is evidence that any drug or
treatment really does work. Most natural products have not
undergone such testing.

Many so-called "quack" remedies fall in the "natural" category;
their acceptance depends on the fact that, for some unknown
reason, the pain of arthritis tends to flare up and then
subside. Frequently the symptoms subside while the patient is
taking a particular "miracle cure" and the arthritis sufferer
believes he or she is cured. However, it is not uncommon for the
symptoms to return, worse than ever. The fact is, virtually any
new treatment, effective or not, often seems to help at first,
simply because the sufferer wants it to so desperately.

Willow Bark is an example of how "natural" remedies can gain
their reputation. Willow Bark is used in treating arthritis but
its' effect is a result of the salicylates or everyday aspirin
it contains. Devil's Claw is also used to treat arthritis - and
it is an analgesic (pain killer)that makes people consider it a
"natural" remedy.

A product prepared from freeze-dried extract of green-lipped New
Zealand mussels was touted as being effective in relieving the
painful swelling and stiffness of arthritis; a variety of
gold-based compounds make up a variety of drugs which
temporarily banish the painful symptoms of arthritis; relief
from arthritic pain is sought by many, especially sportsmen,
wearing magnetic bracelets. Does it matter if these products
actually work - or if the individuals just believe they do?

Actually it does matter: many of the untested products can cause
serious side-effects - especially over the long term.

And what of our diets? Numerous theories have come and gone,
including a "No Nightshade" diet et which eliminates members of
the nightshade family of plants. Another theory "advised
sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis to eat like the Eskimos!"
Current advice follows along the lines of that given for
sufferers of heart problems: eat lots of fish, cut back on
animal fats, include plenty of fruits and vegetables. Experiment
with eliminating dairy products. Does it make a difference in
joint pain or stiffness?

Some of the most natural ways of dealing with arthritis may be
just plain common sense: losing excess weight, mild exercise,
reasonable rest, using moist and local heat to give the joint

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