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Adult Acne Treatments - The Natural Way

from: Danna Schneider

Adult Acne - Why Must We Suffer Aging Skin AND Acne??

As a young woman who suffered through agonizing periods of
merciless acne breakouts in the already angst-filled years of my
young adulthood, I thought that once I became an "adult", I
would no longer have to suffer the unbearable cycles of
noticeable, painful cystic acne.

I remember feeling like every zit on my face was the focal point
in every conversation I had with people, and I swore that
everyone had clearer skin than I did. Even a day with clear skin
was like a rare treat to me, to be savored cautiously, as I knew
it would never last, and a breakout was just waiting for it's
next opportunity to strike.

Little did I know, that when I hit adulthood, my battles with
acne were far from over. Even as I had my twenty-fifth birthday,
I still had to battle that neverending cycle of clear skin,
followed by periods of days or even weeks where my skin would
inexplicably erupt into a maze of strategically placed
blemishes, mostly on the chin area, forehead, and around the

I still found myself searching for the latest acne products and
treatments at drugstores, all of which didn't work at all. They
merely dried my skin and made it look worse by adding redness
and chafing to my growing list of skin problems.

There are many other adults that are finding they still have to
fight the battle with acne - now coined "adult acne". Why is it,
that even beyond our adolescent years of hormonal turmoil, we
are finding that we must battle a new enemy, the formidable
adult acne that we thought we might be fortunate enough to
escape since we paid our dues in our teenage years. It is
estimated that more than fifty percent of adult women between
the ages of twenty-five and fifty-eight have some type of adult
acne, and those numbers are only getting larger.

So what do the experts have to say about the cause of adult
acne? Hormonal fluctuations are the most common cause of adult
acne, followed by stress, which in itself actually triggers
hormonal imbalances, especially in women. So basically, any way
you cut it, adult acne is primarily caused by hormonal shifts
and fluctuations, many times caused by stress, but also caused
by diet, lifestyle changes, birth control pills, medications,
and so many other circumstances.

Some good lifestyle rules to stick to for clear skin are pretty
much common sense, but nonetheless are worth repeating. Eating a
balanced diet, with adequate protein, little or no refined sugar
products (which cause hormones to spike up and down rapidly),
and plenty of skin-nourishing fruits and vegetables is an
absolute must for clear, healthy skin. I notice that after even
one day of a refined sugar binge, I may wake up to a puffy, red
and sometimes slightly broken out face. This is proof that you
are what you eat - especially when it comes to your skin.

Second, try to diminish stress levels by taking walks, getting
cardiovascular exercise of some sort, or practicing relaxation
techniques in the form of yoga, meditation, or tai-chi. It sound
trivial, but stress levels and how you allow yourself to be
affected by daily stress, really reflects in your skin's

Third, you really should consider giving a natural acne
treatment a try. When all else failed, and it was clear that
nothing else would work to permanently clear my skin, or at
least get the ball rolling to even my hormone levels out and
purify my skin from the inside of my body, I tried a natural
acne remedy that I am forever grateful for.

I still have clear skin today, and get compliments on how good
it looks, at age 30. After years of taking prescription acne
medications like tetracycline, Retin-A and erythromycin, I was
finally able to clear my skin permanently -and at a fraction of
the cost of constant dermatologist consultations and repeated
prescription refills.

These new, advanced acne treatments really offer you what no
prescription antibiotic can in that they are completely safe,
contain all natural botanicals that purify the skin from the
inside out, and in many cases, can clear your skin permanently
with very little follow up treatment if you take them as
prescribed and for a long enough period to have lasting effects.

You owe it to yourself to try a natural acne remedy. There are
just too many great acne products out there that will get the
job done better than anything a dermatologist can prescribe!

About the author:

Danna Schneider is the founder of href="">Acne Product Reviews
and Comparisons
. Visit href="">Acu
zine Herbal Acne Supplement
for information on and
advanced natural acne medication for adults and adolescents.


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