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Hair Transplants There Aren T What They Used To Be Article

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Hair transplants, there aren't what they used to be!

from: Amy-Jo Strutt

There is nothing more heartbreaking than looking in the mirror
and discovering that your hair is thinning, even worse, you are
going bald. This just doesn't happen to men either. There are a
larger percentage of women that experience thinning of the hair,
and on the odd occasion, baldness. If going bald really bothers
you, you do have some options you can consider. One option is
hair transplant surgery. No, we don't mean those awful hair
plugs used 15 year ago. Hair transplant procedures have gotten
much better and today, surgeons can create a full, natural
looking head of hair.

For most men, baldness starts with a receding hairline. This
most often leads to what is referred to male pattern baldness.
Hair is lost at the front and on the top of the head, leaving a
fringe of hair around the sides. Hair transplant surgery is
often performed to restore hair that is thinning at the crown
and temples. The procedure works like this. Good, quality hair
follicles are taken from the donor site which is most often
located at the back of the head where hair tends to stay thick
and healthy. The surgeon harvests one hair at a time and
surgically implants it in the area of thinning or baldness. The
process is slow, but the results are truly amazing. Surgeons are
getting extremely good at creating natural looking hairlines.

Hair transplant surgery continues to evolve and get more
sophisticated. Because this is a challenging process, it is not
cheap. Most surgeons will hold a consultation with you so that
they understand your expectations and you understand what they
can achieve. Their goal is always to create a natural looking,
full head of hair. Hair transplant procedures are not extremely
painful, but expect some mild pain and swelling. The first
several weeks after you have hair transplants you must treat you
hair very well to ensure you don't damage any of the transplants
before they take hold and start to grow again. If this is
something you are considering, speak to your doctor to get more

About the author:

Amy-Jo Strutt is an expert author who regularly contributes to For complete
information on hair loss solutions, hair loss prevention, male
pattern baldness and hair transplants, visit