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Back Pain & Muscle Pain - Effective Nonprescription Pain Relief

from: Danna Schneider

Pain and Stress. They seem almost to go hand in hand - not only
in their negative connotation, but also in their biological
causes and triggers. Back pain and muscle pain is typically
caused by inflammation in the proximity where the pain
originated, which in turn creates internal pressure, activating
pain receptors in the nerve endings and sending the signal
(registered as varying levels of discomfort) to the brain.

Some people are born with a naturally higher tolerance to pain -
what's been dubbed the "pain threshold". Then there are the rest
of us, who have normal or low pain thresholds and if chronic
back pain, muscle pain, or nerve related pain or illness were to
be introduced into our lives, we would be forced to be a
prisoner to "the bottle". The "bottle" being one of the many
prescription painkillers or narcotics prescribed to so many
suffering daily, chronic muscle pain and nerve related pain.

So there must be a better way to control the pain, and manage it
successfully without constant reliance on and possible addiction
to prescription pain medication? And there is. Along with an
excellent new naturopathic, herbal pain remedy recently
introduced to consumers, there are several things you can do to
manage pain effectively, and in turn even reduce stress and
improve your overall mental and physical health - all of which
are key factors in successful pain management.

On of the best ways to manage stress and in turn reduce pain, is
to employ some sort of low impact, muscle soothing exercise,
like basic yoga, tai chi, or water aerobics. These types of
exercises not only stretch the muscles and keep them limber and
lithe, but they effectively "massage" and calm muscles, have
very little impact on joints, strength the supportive muscles of
the back, and can even help reduce inflammation in the body. The
mind-body connection is very strong, there is no doubt - just
start an exercise routine like this and I guarantee your mood,
pain and anxiety virtually melt away.

Exercise also releases and creates endorphins, which are a
natural "antidote" to pain, stress, anxiety, fatigue and
depression. The release of endorphins can actually reverse the
negative effects these afflictions can have on your body. If
you're a habitual exerciser, think of how you lethargic you feel
after a few days of inactivity, and you'll understand this
concept! Inactivity is one of the biggest underlying causes and
perpetuators of worsening pain, lethargy, depression and

Meditation is also a great method to reduce pain, anxiety and
the host of other undesirable problems so prevalent in America
today. Like yoga, and other relaxation techniques, meditation
allows you to focus only on you, your breathing, and your body.
This faciliatates the "harmonizing" of the body and the mind,
the ultimate feeling of well-being, vitality, and tranquility,
all of which will help you manage pain and stress. This will
keep your mind sharp, focused, and better able to deal with the
daily stress life can sometimes bring.

Combine these few simple lifestyle habits with the use of an
herbal pain remedy where needed, or even just employ these
habits alone, and I guarantee, pain will not only be easier to
cope with when it rears it's ugly head, but also will be reduced
greatly in it's severity and frequency. It quite simply is a
necessity to living pain free.

About the author:

Danna Schneider is the founder of href="">Natural Remedies
and Cures
. Visit href="
">Effective Natural Pain Reliever for more
information on this natural pain relief alternative.


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