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Acne Laser Treatments - How They Help With Scarring and Formation of Acne

from: Danna Schneider

Acne Laser Treatment - How You Can Now "Do It Yourself" at
Home for a Fraction of the Price, and Get the Same Results

There are always new ways to treat acne coming out as the latest
and greatest method to treat acne and smooth the skin out to its
pre-acne days. Some of these methods are really not effective,
and cause consumers to just pour their money down the drain, so
to speak, in hopes of finally finding the answer to their acne

Others, like acne laser treatment, are a truly effective and
proven way to clear acne, help mend the skin, and help heal
scarring and existing acne lesions.

How Does Acne Laser Treatment Treat Scarring and Acne at the
Same Time

Lasers work by using various "soft pulsing light" wavelengths
and intensities to help "reshape" scar tissue, making raised
scars go down, and reducing the redness of the skin around
healed acne postules. Home acne lasers actually emit a low,
constant frequency of red light which helps to stimulate
collagen, making scarring less visible, and helping to stimulate
the healing of existing acne, and speed the whole recovery

The low light acne home laser does not emit heat and does not
hurt or burn your tissues - quite the contrary, you will feel
like you've just had a refreshing facial after you use it each
time - I did. Not only that, if you have any fine lines or
wrinkles, you will notice that they soften with the use of this
laser as well.

One particular medical grade home acne laser treatment that
uses this technology had the following to report:

1. The home laser device was found to be an effective treatment
for acne in the inflammatory stage.

2. Subjects typically would see positive results within 3-6
weeks of starting treatment. The positive results depended
largely on consistency and continuity of treatment. Especially
in the first few weeks, consistency is key if you want to see
real results from a home laser

3. After 6 Weeks of Laser Treatment:

20% of the patients were completely healed.

50% of the patients showed major improvement.

20% of the patients showed minor improvement.

These are pretty compelling statistics, and I'd say very
promising for anyone looking to treat their acne and reduce acne
scarring effectively, without countless visits to the
dermatologist or a plastic surgeons office for essentially the
same treatment.

If You REALLY Want to Get Astounding Results, Take it a Step
Further and Combine Laser Therapy with a Natural Oral Remedy

You can achieve even greater and faster success when combining
an oral remedy for acne and the laser. This fights acne from
both a scarring and healing aspect on the outside, and from an
internal standpoint, eradicating impurities and hormonal
imbalances which cause the acne in the first place.

Many dermatologists take this two pronged approach, and they
will combine a microdermabrasion or laser therapy with an oral
antibiotic for maximum results for their patients. Why can't you
do the same and get identical results, or even better results
than doctor's office treatments?

The fact is, there are other options that are less expensive
over the long haul and many times even more effective than
medications or special in-office treatments can be. Why not take
advantage of this advanced technology?

About the author:

Visit href=""><
b>Acne Laser Treatment for more information on the best
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any home laser. Danna Schneider is the founder of Visit href="">Acu
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for info on a cutting edge
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