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Acidophilus and the Treatment for IBS

from: Danna Schneider

Why Acidophilus? How Does it Help Treat My IBS?

Acidophilus has long been used as a very important part of
natural IBS treatment for a few reasons. Acidophilus is thought
to help control and help correct bacterial imbalances in the
digestive tract and colon, which is said to be one of the major
contributing factors to the IBS condition. So, what exactly IS
acidophilus, and why should you incorporate into your overall
treatment for IBS?

Acidophilus is a type of "healthy" bacteria that is found in
natural yogurt, which provides a supportive bacterial
environment for intestinal tracts which have been damaged due to
long term antibiotic usage or illness.

Taking acidophilus supplements or getting a lot of acidophilus
in your diet (eating a lot of yogurt with live cultures), has
shown to help improve candida (candidiasis, or yeast imbalance)
and yeast infections that occur in a woman's vagina. It also has
been useful in helping to remedy and control the symptoms of
IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

How Exactly does the Acidophilus Bacteria Help in the
Treatment and Curing of IBS?

Well, Acidophilus helps treat IBS is many ways, but the most
important are that it:

1.) Acidohphilus helps treat diarrhea associated with IBS by
helping to correct the bacterial imbalances caused by long term
antibiotic use. Long term antibiotic use has been shown to build
up unhealthy flora and bacteria in the colon and digestive
tract, causing diarrhea, bloating and irregularity.

The reason for this is that most antibiotics have a serious side
effect in that they destroy a lot of the health "friendly"
bacteria in our digestive tract that prevent nasty digestive
problems such as excess gas, bloating and diarrhea. Acidophilus
benefits our entire digestive system since it brings back an
optimal natural balance of the bacteria that inhabit the human
digestive system.

2.) Acidophilus helps to reduce the flatulence associated with
IBS by restoring a healthy balance of bacteria in the digestive
tract, it helps keep the gas-producing bacteria in the large
intestine from multiplying, and therefore decreases the
incidence, severity and frequency of gastrointestinal pain and
flatulence. This is a major benefit for IBS sufferers in the
treatment of their IBS, since much of the discomfort IBS induces
is caused by gas buildup and pressure.

Another Acidophilus IBS Benefit:

Another added benefit of Acidophilus is that people who are
lactose intolerant can take this supplement, since it does not
have an adverse effect on them, and they may be missing out on
the beneficial effects of lactobacillus and acidophilus due to
their condition since yogurt and foods with active yogurt
cultures is out of the question.

Did you know there are over 400 different types of bacteria
living in your digestive tract, some that you benefit from
greatly, and some that produce gas, bloating, constipation and
even diarrhea? That just goes to show the importance of these
bacteria, and how easy it might be to have an imbalance of
healthy, friendly bacteria and the destructive type which often
causes most of the problems associated with IBS.

As you can see, acidophilus as a treatment for IBS should be an
integral part of your comprehensive treatment for IBS. Make sure
this is incorporated as part of your regimen, and I am certain
you will feel the benefits of its positive effects sooner than
you think.

About the author:

Visit href="">
Herbal Remedy for IBS with Acidophilus for more
information on one of the most powerful, multifunctional and
multisymptom targeted IBS remedies on the market today. Danna
Schneider is the webmaster of href="">Herbal Medicine and
Natural Supplements

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