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Are you going bald? Read this to understand your options.

from: Amy-Jo Strutt

Some men and women start going bald at a very young age but
don't even notice at first. Because we lose between 100-150
hairs a day, you won't even take note when you lose a few extra.
Unfortunately, over time, it will become apparent that your hair
is thinning and possibly could lead to baldness. In most cases,
going bald is hereditary. In this case, hair loss will be
permanent. There are instances where baldness is caused by a
medical condition that has not been diagnosed. In these cases,
there is a chance that hair thinning or baldness is not
permanent. Male pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia, is
where the hairline starts receding and eventually leads to no
hair on the top of the head, only a fringe around the sides, is
hereditary. Sorry, there is likely no chance hair will grow back
naturally on its own.

Areata alopecia, an autoimmune disease, can also cause hair loss
and balding from the scalp and the entire body. In some cases,
this hair loss can be temporary. It a lot of cases, this disease
can be triggered by a virus or some other reaction your body
had. There are other reasons why both men and women loss their
hair. Stress is a big contributor in thinning hair. Stress has
been known to cause chunks of hair to fall out all at once. This
is a serious situation and you need to consult your doctor
immediately. If you are low on certain vitamins and minerals,
this can cause hair loss as well. This situation is easily
treatable but it must be diagnosed properly first.

Men and women both experience pattern baldness. In women
however, it is most often serious thinning of the hair versus
complete hair loss like in men. If this is happening to you, you
do have some options. You can choose a hair piece or extensions
where natural or synthetic hair is woven in with your own to
create a full looking head of hair. This is often referred to as
non-surgical hair replacement techniques. Your other option is
hair transplant surgery. Today, surgeons can create wonderful
looking, natural hair using improved procedures. It is a slow
process done one hair at a time but the results are quite
amazing. Many people who have had this procedure are extremely
pleased and have stated that they feel better about themselves
and are more confident. If this how you want to feel, hair
transplants may be for you.

About the author:

Amy-Jo Strutt is an expert author who regularly contributes to For complete
information on hair loss solutions, hair loss prevention, male
pattern baldness and hair transplants, visit


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