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Every woman has had a yeast infection at one point in time. Those women who are lucky enough to never have had one are fully aware of how horrible they are. We have all seen those comical commercials on television for yeast infection creams that show women in utter agony. The commercials would have you believe that it is impossible to live your life while suffering a yeast infection. I don't know many women that ride horses on a regular basis but I certainly feel for them in those commercials.

It is sometimes impossible to avoid getting a yeast infection. There is a misconception out there that getting this type of infection signals a lack of good personal hygiene. This is simply untrue. You can get a yeast infection simply because you are taking antibiotics. Antibiotics try to kill everything in your system and this includes the beneficial elements in your lady region. Taking antibiotics and other medications can change the pH balance in your system and lead to yeast infections. The last time that I was on a serious antibiotic my doctor also prescribed an anti-fungal medication to ward off a yeast infection. It worked.

There are many things that can change your pH balance and lead to yeast infections. One of the things that can cause yeast infections that many women are unaware of is soap. Most women love taking long bubble baths but are unaware that certain bath products can mess with their pH balance and leave them susceptible to yeast infections. I think it is a good idea to try to stay away from harsh chemicals and unnatural substances if you want to keep your pH balance at the level it is supposed to be at.

If you get a yeast infection you should know that many of them clear up on their own. Our bodies are very advanced and are constantly trying to rid themselves of unhealthy elements. You may find that after a couple of days the infection clears up on its own and you will not have to take any action. If a yeast infection does not clear on its own you can find many affordable treatments at your local drugstore that will help. Most of these treatments only take two or three days to completely kill the infection. Dealing with this issue is just a part of being a woman and is not a very big deal. The next time you see one of those commercials on TV you will just have to laugh.


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