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Is Laser The Ideal Choice?

Many women have hair developing around their nipple as well as majority of these women who have hair on their areola find it annoying and sometimes embarrassing. This is definitely accurate especially for women who are already hitched and who have partners. Although most men doesn\’t notice the hair on the areola of their wives, you will find women who feel ugly simply because there are hair growing on their nipple. Good thing that there are right now so many options to remove the hair.

One of the methods in removing the breast hair is to make use of tweezers or even hair puller. The advantage of using this is it is cheap. A tweezers or perhaps a hair puller can cost less than $20. An additional is that it can be done right at the comfort of one\’s home. Unlike any other method tweezing the hair can be done almost anywhere and would not require going to the clinic for that matter. However, the actual disadvantage of tweezing the hair of the breast is that it can be extremely painful. Remember that the skin on that area of the body is very sensitive and pulling the hair is the last thing that you will ever think of. Another disadvantage is that the result is not really permanent but hair re-growth is possible which means that you will have to tweeze the hair every now and then.

Waxing is another option and just like tweezing it has its own pros and cons. The advantage of waxing the hair from the nipple is that it is cheap. Nevertheless, the drawbacks of this method are many when compared with its benefits. If the person performing the hair wax isn\’t a professional and doesn\’t know how to utilize the wax it might lead to burning of the skin and might cause serious problems like pores and skin infection.

Bleaching is commonly done by most women that can\’t endure the pain of tweezing as well as waxing. This process does not remove the hair rather it makes the color of the hair less noticeable by making it lighter. Whitening paste are readily available in the supermarkets and can be used without much trouble. Bleaching may be done frequently or once the color of your hair goes back to its original condition but for most women bleaching is only done once in every Six months.

There are medicines to treat hirsutism. An anti-androgen medication may be prescribed to block the male androgens associated with hirsutism. Such a prescription will take 3 to 6 months to work. Anti-androgens can cause birth defects so it may be necessary to take practice a form of birth control while on this medication.

Laser treatment treatment is the best option of getting rid of unwanted hair from any areas of the body including from the nipple. This is because it is not that expensive and also the result is permanent; giving you the hair-free nipple.

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