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Uncover The Riveting Truth About Micro Mosaic Jewelry

If you ever felt that that in your life everything is dull and boring, that is what it feels like to have no adornments in the world. Jewelries have become an important part of the life of men and women. And for jewel artisans, making jewelries is not just a job but an art that they have to perfect. So much detail is put into it that craftsmen are usually applauded for their work.

The appearance and designs of jewelries have change through the years and so is their usage. Before jewelries are just status symbols but now, you use it to pin your hair or put your clothes in place but still possess that quality to make the overall appearance appealing. And because of the creativity of people, they made an artistic discovery now known as the micro mosaic jewelry.

On the 19th century in Italy, Rome to be specific, this kind of craft became popular for aristocrats. The rich families in Europe embark on a Grand Tour where they visit the different countries of the continent. Italy was the usual topic in these visits because of its beauty and its booming economy. Rome, Italy was the leader in glass ware production and this is when the micromosaic art in jewelry developed.

Based on the concept of Mosaic, the micro mosaic art is a little bit distinct from the original one because of the particles or tiles that are used in the process of making the piece. The small tiles that are used in making the design is a type of glass that is calle the tesserae. Customized jewelry were the fad during the 19th century. In this case, the aristocrats would need to pay more.

Pendants, earrings and brooches are the most common pieces made from this kind of art. The fine pieces of varied colored tesserae are cemented on a flat surface usually metal or stone. Some people even use glass as the blank canvas. After cementing and drying the design, it is then framed and the piece is finished.

The most amazing thing about it is that you would need to use a microscope to determine if it is micromosaic or if it is hand painted. The usual deduction of other people is that it is painted when in fact it is not. The pieces being sold served as remembrances that they have visited this particular place. So, before the post cards and the printed shirts were invented, they had jewelry.

Other styles of art that is still considered as micro mosaic are the Pietra Dura and the Venetian Mosaic. Pietra Dura is made by forming thin slices of genuine stone in to the design of your choice against a flat surface, preferably a dark stone. This kind of craft is also called the Florentine.

Antique pieces, especially during the Victorian times are worth a lot when auctioned today. The price would also depend on how well the state the jewelry is in. There is also the precision of the work and of course, the size of the tesserae being used. The smaller the tesserae is in the jewelry, the bigger chance there is that it is worth a lot.

In hardwork and craft alone, this kind of object is priceless already. The smaller tesserae is used, the more you need to pay for it because the effort given to it is no joke. These kinds of crafts really shows the world what true art really is. It is not just beautiful but it has to have heart as well.

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