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Reasons To Apply Epoxy Floor Coating

A strong adhesive that is usually used is an epoxy. It is basically two epoxy resin materials that are mixed together to make it functional. These epoxy resins is a term that was taken from an epoxide functional group. These are polymers that are polyepoxides.

The use is varied, for example, metal coatings, electrical parts, insulators, plastic materials, or structural adhesives. Although commonly for home use, it is utilized as an Ohio epoxy floor coating for garages in order to prevent wear and tear on the surface. This is usually applied on concrete that should be pre treated before application.

Because the surface is seamless and shiny, the surface is easy to clean from dirt, debris, and other foreign objects. These treated floors are the reason why various establishments have made use of it like in food, pharmaceutical factories, packaging companies, breweries and bottlers, and many others. The maintenance would not take that much effort as well.

Because of the luster of the floor and its surface, it gives an aesthetic feel and look which makes the atmosphere of the room more vibrant. Although it entirely depends on the owner how they wish to design the material, but it conveniently has different colors that can be made into patterns or combinations, or even logos. The material is attractive and highly durable.

Because it is chemically resistant, a lot of owners would use this for this exact reason. Manufacturing companies and warehouses, as well as industrial plants, would be using to maintain and protect the floors from any chemicals that may cause harm and damage to the floors, which would in time cause incidents. Because of its functionality, these chemicals may easily be removed. They resist heat, fire, impact, and slip.

In terms of design, this has been used as a material for signages on designated zones inside warehouses and factories to divide traffic zones, work areas, and safety areas. Due to paint being easily worn down through friction and abrasion. This is why the use of this would be more efficient and long lasting.

Because of the durability of the material against friction or abrasion, the company would gain a lot of savings from expenses on preventive measures and overall safety as well as for their maintenance when they use this. Aside from that, this is friendly to the environment which makes the campaign for eco friendly materials to be used by industries to be a success. The hazard materials would be easily contained and cleaned.

Although there are many different reasons why the epoxy application would not work. Mostly this is caused due to poor primer or floor preparation. It is necessary to grind or shot blast the floor before installation. It should be clean, dry, dust free, and the substrate should be shot blast. Humidity also plays a key factor. Make sure there are no dripping pipes or taps, or any rising humidity underground.

Another set of reasons that may cause failure would be if the substrate is weak or if there is no primer or applying the wrong kind. A possibility of having the wrong kind of elasticity for the resin would be a factor, due to the surface expanding and the resin not being able to keep up with it and ends up breaking. Contaminated floors would also be a cause of this if they are not properly cleaned before application.

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