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Most Popular Non-Fiction FBI Books

A-G Mans Journal is a real life narrative of Revell Oliver. He rose through the ranks to investigate and supervise some of the most prominent cases in history. They include Ku Klux Klan, Watergate, Iran hostage crisis and the assassination of JF Kennedy, among others. The real life of an agent handling such prominent cases is bound to move any title to the top of FBI books. An interesting part of this book is the personal talk he has with Edgar Hoover.

The Guide to Identifying Terrorists Through Body Language-The book is a combined effort by Dr. Lillian, Phd and Vincent Sullivan. Lillian is a language expert while Vincent has practical knowledge on terrorism since he is an agent. They offer real life scenarios and case studies in an effort to assist ordinary persons and agents to identify the criminals with ease.

ABCs of Behavioral Forensics focuses on the psychological motivation behind the crimes conducted by very nice or extremely rich fellows. It is put together by Ramamoorti Sridhar, Joseph Koletar and Kelly Pope. This is an attempt to explain or understand what the masterminds of the collapse in Wall Street or the Madoff scandal were thinking. It is an incredible title for anyone interested in dealing with fraud.

Agent Bishop, The True Stories from an FBI Agent tells the story of Mike MCPheters who achieved all he wanted in life when he was recruited into the FBI. He, however, had another calling to become a bishop of Christ of Latter Days Church. He now has to fight crime from two fronts, using the pistol and the bible in different hands. He chooses to present the narrative in a very humorous and easy way.

American Indian Mafia is authored by John Trimbach and Joseph Trimbach. It seeks to expose how the American Indian Movement was intimidated as well as the laudable efforts of law enforcement officers at Pine Ridge and Wounded Knee. The former FBI agent also exposes the violent nature of this work environment.

Anatomy of Motive comes out of the combined effort by an agent whose task is to profile criminals and a journalist. Olshaker has reported on numerous crime-related incidences while Douglas has been profiling criminals for years. It tries to explain what leads a person into shedding blood. Some of the prominent cases profiled in the book include child murders in Atlanta, Ted Kaczynski and the incident in which 16 children were killed in Scotland.

Betrayal gives an account of a cop determined to fight crime yet the obstacles lie within the ranks of the bureau. His determination can be seen from his rise off the slums to become a lethal agent. Jon Land and Robert Fitzpatrick tell of how politicians and senior ranking administers within and outside the force determine the end of an investigation. It gets tricky when a hardworking agent is regarded as nosy.

Between Heaven and Hell was released in 2012 and is penned by Larry Welch who headed the Kansas bureau. It is a first hand account of the events leading to the capture of wanted criminals. He also details the assignment dealing with bank robberies, cattle rustling, homicides and serial killing. Other titles include Bribery and Corruption Casebook written by Joseph Wells and Laura Hymes, Bullet Bombs and Fast Talk by James Booting and Dancing with Devils by Robert Emerson.

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