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Learn How To Make Homemade Essential Oils

Essential oils are basically volatile fluids derived from plants, bearing aromas and flavors of plants they were derived from. These liquids won\’t mix with water, but are soluble in numerous organic solvents. Essential oils are volatile and this means that they will evaporate at room temperature. If you are interested in how to make homemade essential oils, here are some things you need to know.

Precious content of plants needs to be extracted. It is done in several different ways, and the most common one is called steam distillation. This method requires special equipment, but it provides very nice results. Cold pressing and using carrier oils are simpler methods you can easily try without any special expenses.

Cold pressing can be used for obtaining citrus essential oil. You can use sliced lemon peels, orange peels or some other citruses, but they need to be organically grown. Soak them in distilled water for a while first. This might take a day or two. Strain the peels and place them into your press, or squeeze them between two wooden boards. Put something really heavy on the top to make them release the liquids.

When all fluids get extracted, after a while, the oil will begin to float on the top. You need to gather this oil and strain it through clean cheese cloth or several layers of gauze. It takes some time, but you will obtain perfectly clean, aromatic essence.

Using carrier oil is the simplest method. Choose good quality low fragrance oil, and you can never make a mistake if you choose cold pressed virgin olive oil. One cup of carrier is enough for one quarter ounce dried flowers, herbs or petals, or for one quarter cup of fresh plants. Mix them together and cook for at least six hours, on very low temperature, approximately 140 degrees F. Strain the obtained oil through a gauze.

Here is the simplest method of all. Mix the carrier oil with your plants and put this mixture into a mason jar. Close tightly and leave the jar on full sun for weeks, at least two. After that, simply strain the content and storage your homemade oil in dark glass bottles or similar containers. It will last for six months.

Steam distillation is really effective way of extracting precious essential oil from both fresh and dried plants. There are several different methods for this, but the most effective one is to use a special steam distillation unit, called the still. It is available online, and you can buy it for maybe few hundred dollars, depending on its size. You can also try to build your own.

Stills should be made of stainless steel, with steel and glass parts, without using plastic or copper. Although copper pots are still used, they can alter the chemical structure of your oils, and they aren\’t recommended. If you are interested in making larger quantities of oil, maybe you should invest in one of these practical steam distillation units. Using them is really simple. Besides, they make things so much easier, and you will get your product in just a few hours.

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