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Those who love books with a focus on unstable emotional states of the characters rather than pure action are never short of a good read. New psychological thrillers appear online on a daily basis. Plot twists, eerie settings and disturbed individuals abound in these novels.

It is understanding how the protagonists and antagonists in these novels think that creates the tension. The reader is taken into their minds, understanding their fears, motives and hopes. We start to understand why they act in a certain way. This is what makes these novels different from a pure action thriller with car chases, bombings and shooting.

Thrillers often focus on terrorist plots, bombings, gangs and contain all sorts of high tension action scenes. Those dealing with psychology deal with a very different arena, that of the human mind. This is closer to home and focuses on relationships where one is most vulnerable. The relationship between men and women is often a focus. For example, a wife may discover the true nature of the man she has married. It is this emotional tension that is the engine of the novel.

The reader is often taking on a ride along with the protagonist, not knowing who to believe or trust. Sometimes the enemy is only revealed right at the end and someone one regarded as benign is revealed to be dangerous. Other authors prefer to do a step by step revelation of characters, slowly adding new twists and turns to keep the pace going.

In many thrillers, the distinction between good and evil characters is clearly drawn. The goodies set out to deal with the baddies. In novels like this, the distinction is not as clear. The bad types may gain some sympathy from the reader due to a revelation of what has made them bed. The good types may have flaws too so no situation is simply black and white. Sometimes someone who one thinks of as caring and concerned at the start may have their wickedness slowly revealed.

A protagonist in a novel like this usually has to rely more on mental resources than physical strength. Instead of a physical enemy that they can fight, the conflict comes in the form of mind games. He or she has to pit mental energy against manipulation and deception from the antagonist.

Readers tend to have a fascination with the darker sides of human nature. Perhaps it helps them to play out their own uncertainties and fears. Whatever the reason, the popularity of this genre is unquestionable. The human mind is so complex and this provides plenty of material for authors to explore.

Websites selling such novels give readers a wide selection to choose from. When making a choice, suggestions may be given based on what has already been read. It is helpful to read reviews and participation in online forums or discussion groups can also help with discovery of what others have enjoyed reading. Best seller and top pick lists also show what novels are most popular with other readers.

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